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This is a really good drawing Ky, so i'll have to try hard to pick out flaws without knitpicking lol.
the colors seem a touch bland, i believe this is mainly because of your setting (nice setting btw), if it would have been possible, you should have added the moonlight into the piece (yes i know: easier said than done), then you could have used the shadows more. with the coloring, i don't want to seem too picky, but i believe the black shirt is a little too black (could be my tv, but still) by makin it so ... PURE.. it makes it harder to work with the shading inside the shirt. i believe that if it was a tad lighter, you could appreciate the parts that are really true black better, keep in mind though that i'm more tecnical minded than some, so thiat may just be an opinion and not policy.
i think you did very well on the fur/skin, and you used very effective means of shading, with just a touch of shadows, because i have a very poetic nature i really like to accent the shadows when i can, but i think for your tone, you did a very good job. your line work could use a little improvement, but i wouldn't be the one to ask about that, because as i said i do a lot of designs and lack talent in actual art. over all i find this as one of your better pieces, and it has a very soothing poetic nature to it ifi might say so.
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NightCreeps Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks for the critique jacob c: ill remember them for next time.
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